Sauna essences

Sauna essences in three powerful fragrances

Surrounded by warm steam and pleasant scents such as Swiss Pine or Alpine Herbs, the body relaxes and also strengthens its own immune system. Besides the Finns, many people are convinced that sitting in overheated rooms is beneficial for their body and health, and this for more than 2,000 years. The beneficial effects of the sauna can be strengthened by sauna infusions with appropriate fragrances. Therefore we have developed sauna fragrances with different effects. Surprise your guests with a woody and relaxing Swiss Pine fragrance or with the fragrance “Alpine Herbs”, which reminds of lush, green meadows. The camphor contained in the sauna essence “Cool & Fresh” provides a special freshness kick. Decide for yourself on the perfect fragrance composition for your sauna.

Sauna essences from Kurland®:

Cool & Fresh Sauna Essence

  • Ingredient: Camphor
  • Effects: refreshing, cooling, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, stimulates blood circulation.


Swiss Pine Sauna Essence

  • Ingredient: Swiss Pine oil
  • Effects: calming, relaxing, supports concentration, supports sleep, antibacterial.


Alpine Herbs Sauna Essence

  • Ingredients: Mix of herbs
  • Effects: relaxing, calming

Wonderfully fragrant and effective sauna infusions

Enhance the stimulating and health-promoting effect of the sauna by using sauna infusions with the appropriate Kurland®sauna essences. To make your sauna experience perfect, we have developed sauna fragrances that combine particularly well with steam and do not burn even at high heat on hot stones. All essences are made from high quality ingredients. You only need to mix approx. 10 ml in 3-5 liters of infusion water and you can already enjoy an extraordinary fragrance experience in the sauna.

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Three varieties: Refreshing, woody or with herbal scent

Cool & Fresh: Our sauna essence “Cool & Fresh” has a particularly refreshing and pleasantly cooling effect. The freshness effect is provided by the contained camphor. It is ideal against colds, rheumatism or bronchitis.

Swiss Pine: The spicy, woody scent of Swiss Pine is not only particularly pleasant, but also healing: the pine oil calms, lowers the heartbeat rate and has an antibacterial effect. Highest well-being factor! It also prevents the spread of mold and bacteria, among other things.

Alpine Herbs: The sauna fragrance “Alpine Herbs” reminds of the familiar smell of local grasses, flowers and herbs. In your mind you immediately walk across a lush green meadow, listen to the soft chirping of crickets and the gentle murmur of a brook. Relaxation guaranteed!


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