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Pantai Herbal Belle Visage

23. October 2023, 8:30 - 16:30

Face massage with herbal stamps

Guests feel the gentle touch of the warm stamps on their face and breathe in the wonderful herbal scent. Muscles and connective tissue are stimulated by special pressing, twisting and pulling movements. The ingredients of the stamps and oils have a nourishing effect and are precisely tailored to the needs of facial skin. Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM caters for a radiant complexion and a beautiful décolleté.

Course: Pantai Herbal Belle Visage

  • Effects: tightening, antispasmodic, stimulates blood circulation, stimulates metabolism, smoothens the skin, soothes and relaxes, loosens the connective tissue, relieves tension in facial muscles.
  • Course dates and costs: on request
  • The price includes the following: Working documents, certificate
  • Qualification: Certificate “Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM – Herbal stamp massage for face and décolleté”
  • Information material and personal consultation: +49 (0)86 54 / 48 87-43 or
  • Training Program: Download PDF

Training: Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM

Training course from Kurland

In the one-day course you will learn the particularities of this special herbal stamp massage. You will receive many tips on how to perform a stimulating, soothing and balancing massage.

Course content:

  • Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM face and décolleté massage technique in theory and practice
  • Ingredients and effects of the stamps and oils
  • Stamp movements
  • Recommendations for applications

Tip: We recommend booking the Pantai Luar training after the Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM course. This takes place the very next day.

Pantai Herbal Belle Visage: Nourishing and relaxing at the same time

By combining the use of hand-held herbal stamps and the application of select, special oils the massage experience is completely redefined. The aqueous herb extract from the steamed stamps and the special texture of the fleece cleanse the skin and refine the complexion. As a result of stimulating the micro-circulation and the penetration of valuable oils, cell renewal and revitalization is stimulated and the cell membrane is strengthened. This causes the skin to look smooth and rosy again. The pleasant herbal scent works via the limbic system, leads to deep relaxation of the facial muscles and contributes to a feeling of well-being.

Procedure of a Pantai Herbal Belle Visage treatment

The practitioners work with the steamed stamps on specific areas of the body in three stages. Between the stages, they repeatedly apply warm oil with draining massage strokes.


  1. Cleansing
  2. Embracing oil ointment
  3. The preparatory massage
  4. Stamp massage stage 1
  5. Embracing oil ointment
  6. Preparatory massage
  7. Stamp massage stage 2
  8. Embracing oil ointment
  9. Preparatory massage
  10. Stamp massage stage 3
  11. Termination
  12. Face mask.

You will learn the detailed procedure as well as the stamp movements and massage techniques in the Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM training at the Kurland Training Center.

Pantai Herbal stamps - stamps filled with herbs rich in active agents

BWe provide you with everything you need for a successful treatment: various facial stamps, preparation equipment, special oils and much more. The fragrant face stamps “Pantai Herbal Stamps” have been handmade at Kurland with loving care. The filling consists 100% of herbs which are rich in active agents, without any other fillers. The matching Pantai Herbal oils – Belle Visage and Calmer – are also produced and bottled in-house.

Accessories for Pantai Herbal Belle VisageTM


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    23. October 2023
    8:30 - 16:30