Cream bases

Mix your own cosmetics with rich base creams

Simply mix your own cosmetics by yourself: Cream bases rich in active ingredients form the perfect basis for individual mixtures and tailor-made care recipes. At Kurland you will find high-quality base creams for this purpose, as well as all necessary accessories. Our cream bases are intensively nourishing and are ideal for incorporating all desired active agents. For customized care recipes, simply add an essential oil or a care oil. Thanks to the high-quality ingredients and purely natural agents, they are also perfect for daily care even without any additional component.

Cream bases & base creams

  • Well tolerated by the skin, unscented base creams with purely natural ingredients
  • Intensively nourishing even when used pure
  • Ingredients: Depending on the base cream, goat butter, argan oil, shea butter or coenzyme Q10 pamper the skin.
  • Effects: intensively nourishing, protecting, hydrating and smoothing.
  • Suitable for: every skin type, daily face and body care, individual mixtures, DIY natural cosmetics.
  • Advantages for spa applications: unscented, contains high-quality ingredients, easy to customize, compatible with all base oils, available in large fillings.
  • Products: Base Cream I, Base Cream II, Base Cream DAC, Urea Pura, Goat Butter Creme pure, Cell Cream Body.
  • Our mixing hotline: You want to mix your own care product, but you are not sure which ingredients are particularly suitable for your needs? We are happy to help and advise you on the way to your individual product. Please call us at: +49 8654/4887-22 or +43 662/830667 or send us an e-mail to:

DIY natural cosmetics: Base creams as cream base

Kurland’s base creams are high-quality cream bases for multipurpose use and carriers for effective nourishing ingredients. Thanks to the highest quality ingredients and purely natural ingredients, they are also suitable for daily care without any other component. They can be perfectly combined with essential oils, perfume oils and care oils from Kurland®. Decide for yourself between Base Cream I for a velvety soft skin and Base Cream II for a dry and sensitive skin. Each base cream is intensively nourishing, compatible with all base oils, easy to customize and contains the most valuable ingredients such as goat butter, argan oil, shea butter or coenzyme Q10. By adding Kurland® skin care oils and other components such as our essential oils or perfume oils, you supply the skin with additional important nutrients, and your mixture receives a unique fragrance. Just choose the cream base that suits your needs. By the way, our unscented Creme pure from the goat butter series is also suitable as a cream base. If you need an intensively nourishing full body application, take our Cell Cream Body.

Personalized skin care: Mix creams quite simply by yourself

It is easier than you might think to mix your personalized skin care to have a fresh product. Choose the appropriate base cream and add a few drops of essential oils, perfume oils or highly effective plant sera. For even more intensive care, add Kurland® Base Oils – for example jojoba, avocado or almond oil. By adding care oils and other components, you influence which additional nutrients are supplied to the skin and this caters for a unique fragrance of your mixture. Whether adding Urea Pura as a natural moisturizer or the exclusive Moroccan argan oil to include vitamin E – you customize your treatments with your own personal care recipe. Simply choose the cream base that suits your needs – matched to your or your guest’s skin. Your highly personal pampering program is done!

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Accessories: Empty cream jars for individual creams

Our empty white cream jars are perfect for filling creams. You can select between two different sizes: 30 ml and 50 ml. All jars have a convenient screw cap and an intermediate lid. We selected deliberately small sizes for the jars, because homemade natural cosmetics do not contain preservatives and therefore do not have an unlimited shelf life. Especially in the case of homemade cream mixtures, the shelf life is often lower due to the additives.

You would like to mix your own care product, but you are not sure which ingredients are particularly suitable for your needs? We are happy to help and advise you on the way to your individual product.

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Customized recipes and cream packs for your spa

When creating your own recipes and treatment programs, you can rely on Kurland’s expertise. We will be happy to advise you and also offer special training to learn how to prepare effective recipes. All our creams provide the perfect base for highly nourishing body wraps and they can be customized easily. This is why you can carry out different treatments with only one base cream.

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