Soft-Pack® system

Gently embraced, weightless relaxation

More than 30 years ago, Kurland invented the Soft-Pack® system, thus revolutionizing the spa world. The unequalled experience of well-being and the positive effects on skin and muscles make the floating bed indispensable for practices, therapists and wellness areas. Surrounded by pleasant warmth and in an almost weightless state, guests relax in the Soft-Pack® system. At the beginning of the so-called pack baths, the practitioner applies a care product rich in active agents to the guest’s skin and gently beds the guest in the bed filled with warm water. Wrapped by the soft film, the guests do not come into contact with water; instead they have a feeling as if they would be floating. The gentle water pressure causes the film to align to the body, creating an occlusion effect that increases the skin’s ability to absorb the active agents by up to 10 times. This allows for optimum effects of the applied creams, body wraps or peelings. Similar to a waterbed, the Soft-Pack® system adapts ideally to the body, providing relief for the entire supporting system and catering for ergonomically perfect positioning of the spine. The heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. Our Soft-Pack® system is available in various versions and designs such as in the Med, Day Spa, Pure and Sense version. However, all our Soft-Pack® systems have one thing in common: they are durable, easy to handle, economical to operate, dispose of low-maintenance technology and offer the possibility of a wide range of treatments.

Everything at a glance

  • Patented floating bed with therapeutic and ergonomic effects
  • 4 different types: Med, Pure, Sense and Day Spa
  • Suitable for varied treatment programs and all treatment media
  • Unique spa experience due to the feeling of floating
  • Thanks to the occlusion effect, the skin absorbs active agents 10 times better
  • Therapeutic effect: The heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation
  • Ergonomic effect: gentle resting position, perfect adaptation to the body and relief for the spine
  • An individual music system can be integrated
  • As an option: Integrated flow jets massage the back, shoulder and neck area
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Long service life and excellent quality of materials
  • Low-maintenance technology and economical operation
  • Easy to handle and simple change of film – therefore no costs for customer service
  • Numerous design options: great variety in cladding
  • Padded top edge for a comfortable entry and exit
  • Simple structure – therefore it can be assembled easily and quickly

Treatments and applications in the Soft-Pack® system

Our Soft-Pack® system is suitable for a wide range of health and wellness treatments, from therapeutic moor mud to skin-care lotions, creams or oils, applications with brine, hay, healing chalk or herbs. This will be always varied and individual for each guest. We provide the appropriate products and recipes for each treatment. The experience becomes particularly extraordinary when you give the application in the Soft-Pack® system a special theme. You can bring the power of the forest into your spa and pamper your guests with individual forest treatments. While guests relax in a weightless state, they hear the chirping of birds in the background, the gentle murmur of a creek and breathe in the pleasant woody scent of our forest oils. These impressions will give your guests a feeling of security and inner peace. Discover these and many more treatment options for the Soft-Pack® system.

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Soft-Pack® system Med - with soft padded edges and lifting function

The basic materials of the Med version consist of high-quality chrome-nickel steel alloy and the cladding is made of easy-care, robust Skai leather as a standard. But other options with cladding made of wood, tile or stone are also possible. With the integration of our innovative lifting technology, you can easily transform the Soft-Pack® system Med into a treatment bed for effective massages. This technology ensures that you can raise the Soft-Pack® system to a height of approx. 870 mm (standard height: approx. 650 mm). This is the ideal height for performing massage treatments. The soft padded edge ensures that getting in and out is especially comfortable. Therefore, the Soft-Pack® system Med is the best model and our bestseller for therapy and health treatments, medical practices and wellness areas.

Soft-Pack® system Pure - straight lines and a wide range of design options

The Pure model of our Soft-Pack® system convinces with a modern, straight-lined design. You will receive a floating bed with high-quality wood paneling: You can choose, for example, between wild oak, alder or zebrano. Additional features include all-around LED lighting that provides exciting, unique light effects. Dimensions: 2520 x 1270 x 690 mm

Soft-Pack® system Sense - modern and flamboyant design

The Soft-Pack® system Sense impresses with its contemporary and playful design. The surface is made of robust, durable and easy-to-clean glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). The standard version of the bed is white, however, you can get it also in 200 other RAL colors. In addition, you can order it with special paint finishes, for example in extravagant pearl colors. This version of the Soft-Pack® system is available in the size 2470 x 1130 x 750-900 mm.

Soft-Pack® system Day Spa - elegant, timeless design with durable GRP surface

The day spa version of our Soft-Pack® system impresses with its timeless, elegant design and looks particularly beautiful when positioned freely in the room. The body of this design is made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP), which makes the bed durable and easy to clean. Of course, this model is also equipped with the tried-and-tested technology of the Soft-Pack® system Med. Choose the right looks for your house from a wide range of 200 RAL colors. Our design experts will be happy to help you make your choice and show you the great variety of options available. Dimensions: 2350 x 1120 x 690 mm

Kurland Soft-Pack-System

Get your Soft-Pack® system including training and recipes

Rely on our full service: every Soft-Pack® system will come with the corresponding training, recipes, treatment suggestions and the consumables for your success. In the course Kurland® recipes, we present numerous body treatments, wraps and peelings which can be customized easily and they will for sure delight your guests. In future, you will be able to carry out exceptional applications in the Soft-Pack® system quickly, efficiently and with low material usage.

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Soft Touch: Innovative flow jet technology for maximum relaxation

A treatment in the Soft-Pack® system gives guests a feeling of floating and puts them into an absolutely deep relaxation. It is a special experience one will remember for a long time. For a maximum relax, an additional soft touch option can be integrated into all Soft-Pack® systems. This is a state-of-the-art flow jet technology for gentle “touches” in the back and neck area. Well-being in the warm trough in a pleasant floating state can be even more increased by the soft touch option. Four flow jet nozzles that can be integrated to massage the back, shoulder and neck area with a gentle water jet at a random interval.

Kurland Soft-Pack-System

Soft Music – feel the music

Listening to and feeling music supports the relaxation process and helps to let go and escape from everyday life. With Soft Music in the Soft-Pack® system, music and speech is converted into perceptible vibrations. You want to listen to your own music? Then the Soft Music System is just right for you. Simply plug in the USB stick and listen to your favorite sounds while you are floating weightlessly in the Soft-Pack® system. The Soft Music System can be integrated into the Soft-Pack® system as an additional feature.


Are you interested in a Soft-Pack® system? Here you can download the specification sheet with all technical details.


Here you can find suitable products for your Soft-Pack® system such as Comfort Spa, base creams or Cream Peel Mix.


Discover suitable wellness treatments for your Soft-Pack® system, such as body wraps or peelings.


Learn to prepare numerous body treatments, wraps and peelings and obtain Kurland® recipes to be applied in your Soft Pack® system.

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