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Marvelous active agents for therapy and wellness

Everyone knows them – tensions in the neck or back. Fortunately, nature offers a simple but very effective remedy for these complaints – moor mud. It has served as a natural therapy for centuries, as it can provide relief from pain, rheumatic complaints and tension easily and without side effects. Whether in packs, bath additives or creams – moor mud contains a particularly large number of valuable active agents that have a positive influence on our body and our health. Over 400 different species of plants, medicinal herbs, seeds and leaves are found in the fresh Kurland® moor in Leopoldskron-Moos. That is why it is so particularly rich in humic acids, minerals and trace elements.

Kurland® moor mud

  • Origin: 100 % pure, fresh moor mud from Leopoldskron-Moos in Salzburg.
  • Active agents: Contains a mix of active agents from about 400 different plants, valuable humic acids, minerals, trace elements.
  • Effects: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, strengthens the immune system and relaxes. Can improve skin metabolism, bind harmful substances and transport them out of the body, promote blood circulation and regeneration, retain heat for a particularly long time and transfer it slowly to the body.
  • Suitable for: pain, rheumatism, tension.
  • Products: Stay Healthy with Moor Mud Set, Disposable Moor Mud Pack Ascend, Classic Moor Mud Pack, Moor Mud Bath (moor mud undiluted), Moor Mud Bath Milk with arnica and goat butter, Moor Mud Body Cream, Heat Carriers and Cold Packs (5 sizes), Terry Cloth Cover for heat carriers, Table Top Preparation Device, Preparation Unit Combi 200 & 400.

History of the “Black Gold”

The healing properties of the moor mud were discovered by observing sick animals that instinctively sought relief from their pain while bathing in moorland. The famous physician Paracelsus was one of the first to use the “Black Gold” deliberately in his therapies. To experience the beneficial effects of moor mud, you do not necessarily need a therapist. With our Kurland® products, you can easily carry out moor mud treatments at home or professionally in the spa and therapy areas. Kurland and moor are quite interlinked. After all, the success story of Kurland GmbH began in the 1960s, when we introduced the “Black Gold” from the foot of Salzburg’s Untersberg Mountain to the market as a soothing natural moor mud pack. The product quickly became a minor sensation – and it is still today.

Origin and quality of the Kurland Moor Mud

As with all natural products, the quality of medicinal moor is crucial for the success of treatment. Our Kurland® moor products are made of 100% pure moor mud from one of the highest quality moors in Europe: matured over thousands of years in the Leopoldskron-Moos in Salzburg. It contains a valuable mix of active ingredients from about 400 different species of plants, medicinal herbs, seeds and leaves. Trust in our experience and the quality of our products and help yourself to a new well-being in a natural way.

Pain therapy and natural detoxification with moor mud

Kurland® moor mud is particularly rich in valuable humic acids, minerals and trace elements. This mix of active ingredients has been used for centuries as a proven therapeutic agent against pain, rheumatic complaints and tensions. Humic acids have anti-inflammatory, immune-system boosting and relaxing effects. They ensure that the organism eliminates toxins and excess minerals. Moor mud therefore helps to remove harmful substances from the body, but at the same time it also provides valuable minerals and trace elements. In particular when combined with heat, moor mud unfolds its full effect in case of hurting joints and pain.

Moor mud in creams for a healthy and firm skin

No matter whether in creams, packs or bath additives – moor mud contains a particularly large number of active agents that have a positive effect on body and health. First and foremost, it contains valuable humic acids, minerals and enzymes. But only in combination with ingredients such as goat butter or nourishing plant oils, the moor mud product also unfold a nourishing effect – for a permanently beautiful and healthy skin. The two products from the “Stay Healthy with …” product range – Moor Mud Body Cream and Moor Mud Bath Milk – are absolute all-rounders and support natural skin health. Both the cream and the moor mud bath milk moisturize the skin, nourish, tone, relax, help against tense muscles and rheumatic complaints.

Kurland originals: Disposable Natural Moor Mud Pack

We invented the useful disposable natural moor mud pack for simple mud treatments at home or in the spa. We provide products that are easy to use and have proven to work at low cost. Our disposable natural moor mud packs stand out due to the following characteristics: High-quality moor mud from Leopoldskron-Moos in Salzburg, rich in humic acids. Thick layer of mud (385 – 460 g / pack) for a safe application, uniform moisture content, and spot welded: Fleece and film can be easily separated from each other.

Heat carriers and cold packs: Only cuddling is better!

In addition to the great variety of positive active agents, it is also the high heat capacity that makes moor mud a specialty. The warmed up heat carriers from Kurland®, filled with thick pasty moor mud, can keep the heat for a particularly long time. Moor mud supplies heat to stressed body regions, which usually also have a lower blood supply, in a very targeted manner and thus promotes blood circulation. It is ideal for abdominal pain, cramps and menstruation problems. Unlike a hot water bottle filled with water, the pasty moor mud in the heat carrier can be easily kneaded and deformed and thus adapts wonderfully to the body. However, the mud heat carrier can also be used to treat complaints that require cold – such as bruises, sprains, inflammation, hematoma or swellings. For this purpose, simply place the heat transfer medium into the refrigerator for some time. The heat transfer medium also offers many advantages in the spa and therapy fields, as it is durable, resists to wear and it is tires-and-tested in therapy use.

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Preparation units for moor mud

For professional operation in physiotherapeutic practices, medical spas and wellness centers, there are preparation devices with a capacity for 2-15 heat carriers – for gentle and simple heating of our heat carriers. Recommended treatment temperature:

  • Heat carrier with moor mud: approx. 60° C – 65° C,
  • heat carrier with hay: approx. 50° C – 55° C,
  • heat carrier as hot water bottle: approx. 50° C.

Medical Wellness: Spa treatments with moor mud

Due to its pain-relieving effect and easy handling, moor mud is very popular among medical spa guests, patients, spa visitors and people of all ages, as well as among users. The high quality of our moor mud products makes us the ideal partner and supplier. With our health products you can easily expand your offer and provide your customers and guests with professional, effective and natural treatments for an optimum treatment success. Our moor mud products have a beneficial effect on rheumatic complaints, joint problems, back or neck pain. With the power of nature – for your success!

The benefits of moor mud in the spa:

  • Easy to use,
  • proven effect,
  • high customer acceptance,
  • low cost,
  • ecological,
  • no side effects.

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Treatment tips with moor mud

Moor mud on the massage table: Simple and clean: All you need is a Disposable Natural Moor Mud Pack Ascend and a heat carrier. Warm up the heat carrier, place the Disposable Natural Moor Mud Pack with the fleece side on the skin, put the heat carrier on top and the moor mud can start working.

Moor mud in the bathtub: Our moor mud bath consists of fine-ground moor mud and moor water and these are simply added to the bath water. Effects: relaxes muscles, can alleviate musculoskeletal complaints, and reduces menopausal symptoms.

Moor Mud for treading and kneading: Fingers and toes may also hurt. Kneading and treading in thick, pasty moor mud helps to relieve these complaints. To do this, warm a Classic Moor Mud Pack (the whole bag) and let the guest knead or tread directly in the opened bag with their hands or toes for about 25 minutes. Effects: increases the mobility of finger and toe joints, can help relieve pain and prevent stiffness in the joints when used as a cure treatment.


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