Forest sauna

Sauna with authentic forest atmosphere

Woody, earthy, cool and fresh, with the scent of green leaves and the feeling of lush moss underfoot – the smell of the forest makes us relax immediately. It reminds us of childhood experiences in the forest, climbing over tree trunks, the smell of resin on our hands, and of long walks in the woods. An absolute benefit for body and soul. Breathing fresh forest air has a positive effect on bronchial tubes and lungs and strengthens the immune system. Bring the power of the forest into your spa. Each Kurland forest sauna is customized according to your wishes, no matter whether you want a rustic wooden sauna, a Swiss Pine sauna or a panoramic sauna with a view to the forest. Equipped with natural materials such as fir branches, spruce cones or real branches. The design possibilities are unlimited. But all our forest saunas have one thing in common: They inspire everyone with an authentic forest atmosphere, which gives your guests power and creates a feeling of security and inner peace.

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  • Customized forest sauna with unlimited design options
  • Brings the calming power of the forest to the spa
  • Use of genuine natural materials
  • Different sauna oven systems available
  • Also available in a bio sauna version
  • Can be combined with matching forest treatments
  • We guarantee suitability for commercial use
  • Low maintenance and staff costs
  • Individually adjustable room temperature
  • Short installation time due to prefabrication in the factory
  • Interval controlled ceiling fan
  • Building physics safety due to the blower door test
  • Controllable heat boosts
  • Integrated power saving mode
  • Safety for your guests and staff

The forest theme in the spa

The themes of “forest” and “nature” can be integrated into your sauna or spa area with very simple means,. Natural materials such as wood, stone or plants create a visible forest atmosphere. Decorate the floor with fir branches, spruce cones or pine curls. This does not only cater for forest ambience, but provides also a pleasant massage of the soles of the feet. Accompanied by soft forest sounds in the background and a room fragrance with essential oils such as silver fir or mountain pine – this will immediately put your guests into deep relaxation. The ideal complement after a stay in the sauna is provided by forest treatments such as a forest cream pack or a forest peeling. For this purpose our product range offers the oil blends “Forest” and “Wood”. They provide for stimulating or relaxing massages with the incomparable scents of the forest. Suitable recipes and treatment programs are available upon request.

Sauna with forest scents

Whether it is cedar wood, fir, mountain pine, spruce or Swiss Pine – each tree emits an incomparable fragrance and has a special effect on the guest. Immerse yourself in the world of forest fragrances and learn about the various possible applications. Forest scents activate the release of endogenous messenger substances via the limbic system, influence our mood and trigger emotions and memories. For the sauna ceremony in the forest sauna we recommend our Sauna essence Swiss Pine. It has a pleasant woody scent and a particularly relaxing and calming effect.

Forest sauna made of Swiss Pine wood

For a forest sauna Swiss Pine wood is ideal as Swiss pines are very special trees. They belong to the pine family and only grow in high mountains above 1,500 meters altitude. Originally, they come from the Alps and the Carpathian mountains. Swiss Pine trees can become as old as 1,000 years and grow to a height of 30 meters. The Swiss Pine has been appreciated for centuries due to its beneficial and health-supporting properties. It contains valuable active agents such as limosone, various flavonoids and essential oils. The scent of Swiss Pine has a relaxing effect, supports concentration, stimulates, calms, caters for a healthy and restful sleep and lowers the heartbeat rate. These are ideal properties for a sauna.

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Unlimited design possibilities: from a bio sauna to a Swiss Pine sauna

Every Kurland forest sauna is unique! Whether they are made of spruce, hemlock or Swiss Pine, with a high seat or traditional sauna benches, whether as a mild bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna – there are no limits to your wishes. The seating areas are usually arranged in tiers around the sauna oven. The oven can be installed on the wall, placed under the bench or free-standing, and can be covered with various materials. You will receive a customized forest sauna that will perfectly fit into your overall concept. They are made from domestic wood species, in highest German quality and craftsmanship perfection. Our trained specialists take care of the quick installation on site and are also there for you afterwards with a professional maintenance and repair service.


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