Let go easier with gentle movements

The Salve-in-terra® is a wellness facility that offers you an extraordinary experience with a therapeutic effect. The system and application were developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. med. Müller-Oerlinghausen of the Berlin Charité. He researched how the gentle touching of skin affects the psychological state and the limbic system. In contrast to conventional treatments, the guest does not lie still on a couch during a Salve-in-terra® treatment, but is gently moved by slight vibrations. While he surrenders more and more to the pleasant swinging and relaxes, high-quality care products pamper the skin and enhance the gliding on the couch. The guest feels the soft, heated base and breathes in the scent of the care product, which is distributed over the entire body through the sliding movement. The permanent movement loosens the muscles and stimulates blood circulation. During couple applications, the gentle touch releases the “bonding hormone” oxytocin, which is responsible for trust and allowing closeness. Salve-in-terra® also offers many advantages for the operator: countless treatment options without spa staff, low consumption costs and a payback period of about 24 months at a capacity of use of 25%.

Everything at a glance

  • Two room climates possible: either as a steam bath or with infrared technology
  • Available as a complete cabin or as a lounger
  • Unique spa experience through gentle movement, soft gliding, delicate touch and fragrant nourishing products
  • During couple applications, the “bonding hormone” oxytocin is released, which is responsible for trust and allowing closeness
  • Honored with the Health Spa Award for the “Best Technical Product Innovation”
  • Payback period: approx. 24 months (at 25% utilization of capacity)
  • Revenue that can be generated: approx. 50,000 Euro per year (at 25% utilization of capacity)
  • Cost coverage: at approx. 1 treatment per day
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Thanks to different care products treatments are varied and individual for each guest
  • Therapeutic effect: loosened muscles, blood circulation is stimulated, care products rich in active agents are well absorbed through the skin
  • Single treatments or couple or two-person treatments are possible
  • Flexible cabin sizes (recommended approx. 3.50 x 3.20 m) allow for many comfortable applications
  • Individual cabin ambience according to customer requirements from modern style to classic
  • Special light effects thanks to innovative LED lighting of the glass walls
  • Self-cleaning system for efficient use; no time-consuming staff for cleaning needed
  • Individually adjustable program
  • A Kurland patent

Procedure of a Salve-in-terra® treatment

In our Salve-in-terra®, various stimuli act on the guest: gentle movement, soft gliding, delicate touch and fragrant care products. This combination converts the treatment in a Salve-in-terra® into an extraordinary experience that guests will remember for a long time – no matter whether this was a single or couple treatment. Closeness, feeling yourself, touching each other are in the foreground of this spa application. The actual treatment starts on the heated lounger after the atmosphere has been completely adjusted to the needs of the guest with seductive scents, pictures, light effects and atmospheric music: Nourishing products such as a warm cream peeling or a body wrap with caviar are applied to the body. Now the lounger starts to move so that the guest gently slides back and forth. While the applied take effect, the body is gently touched. Finally, a warm, tropical rain or a refreshing ice shower cleanses the skin.

Effects and result of the Salve-in-terra® treatment: the therapeutic effect

A particularly important component of our innovative Salve-in-terra® treatment is the care product. It offers unlimited possibilities for adding therapeutic benefits to its relaxing effect. In any application which is oriented towards active agents, the most important thing is the application and effect of the care product to the skin. In this case, this task is taken over by Salve-in-terra®. During the entire treatment, nourishing creams, gently exfoliating mixtures, fragrant oils, therapeutic mud, energizing or soothing skin care products are repeatedly applied to the guest’s skin; and this all without the presence of spa staff. We provide the recipes and ingredients for your treatments and help in creating your “Salve-in-terra® spa menu”. This will be always varied and individual for each guest. Here are some inspirations:

  • Beautiful Skin: Our Goat Butter Bath Milk, our Cream Peel Mix and Relax Emotion Oil Blends Fire, Water, Earth or Air (depending on the respective type) will restore your skin’s radiant complexion.
  • Anti-Stress: Our Coconut Oil, essential oil Orange and Base Cream I are the main ingredients for this stress-reducing recipe. The scent alone makes people happy. And Salve-in-terra® does the rest.
  • Forever Young: Aloe Vera Oil and our detoxifying Thalasso Mare body wrap provide firm skin and stimulate cell renewal. For a younger radiance and smoother skin.
  • Detox Purify: Our Oil Blend Adventure stimulates metabolism and supports blood circulation. Rügen Healing Chalk and soap flakes constitute the perfect recipe for a detoxifying pack.

Economic efficiency: low energy consumption, few staff, quick amortization

Not only your guests will become enthusiastic with our Salve-in-terra®, but it also entails numerous economic advantages. With only one application per day, the system already covers costs including investment costs, energy costs and staff costs. At a utilization of capacity of 25%, the operator generates a profit of about 50,000 Euro. Amortization period of the facility is about 24 months at approx. 25% utilization of capacity. In addition, energy consumption is extremely low:

  • Electrical energy consumption: With infrared heating function: approx. 2.5 kWh per treatment (25 minutes); approx. Euro 0.76 per treatment
  • With steam function: approx. 3.5 kWh per treatment (25 minutes); approx. Euro 1.02 per treatment
  • Water consumption (fresh water + waste water): approx. 60 liters per treatment (25 minutes); approx. Euro 0.30 per treatment

Staff costs are also particularly low, as a 25-minute treatment takes place almost without staff and there is an intelligent self-cleaning system integrated in the facility.

All further technical details can be found in the specification sheet.

Individual styles, modern design, state-of-the-art technology

IThere are almost no limits to your wishes and ideas. You can obtain our Salve-in-terra® in two versions: either as a complete cabin including walls, ceiling, technology and Salve-in-terra®lounger (see picture on the left). Or you integrate your Salve-in-terra®lounger including technology into your existing or new treatment rooms (see picture above). The dimensions of a complete cabin are about 3.50 x 3.20 m and the cabin allows both, single and two-person treatments. Moreover, you can choose between different room climates. Do you want our Salve-in-terra® in a steam bath version or as a bath with dry heat by means of infrared technology? Our Salve-in-terra® captivates with its exclusive cabin design with real glass walls (sand blast or covered with film). The innovative LED lighting of the glass walls provides special lighting effects. Fittings as well as the back wall and floor tiles are designed according to our customer’s wishes. You can also choose the color of the Salve-in-terra®lounger and of the fiberglass ceiling. The great economic advantage is the self-cleaning system for efficient use without time-consuming deployment of staff. Our trained specialists take care of the installation on site and are also there for you  with a professional maintenance and repair service afterwards.


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