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Lomi Lomi massage

4. January 2024, 0:00

Lomi Lomi massage - what exactly is it?

Lomi Lomi or Lomi Lomi Nui is a holistic Hawaiian massage technique. The translation of Lomi is “to rub, to knead, to press” and Nui means “big, important, unique”. It is derived from the traditional Hawaiian art of healing and it claims to be a treatment of both, body and soul. It relieves not only muscle tensions or back pain, but also internal blockages. Usually, the Lomi Lomi massage takes place on an oiled table. The therapist massages with hands and forearms, with different dynamics and intensity of pressure. The guest has the impression of a soft, flowing, supple and powerful treatment at the same time. While the traditional Lomi Lomi massage is a combination of spiritual practice, dance, massage and healing body therapy, in this part of the world it is rather a wellness treatment.

Course: Lomi Lomi massage

  • Effects: physical, mental and spiritual cleansing, stress reduction, relieves blockages on a physical and mental level, provides a feeling of security, mobilizes the body’s own self-healing powers, provides a pleasant body feeling, moisturizes.
  • Course dates: November 22-23, 2023 (only 2 spots left), February 19-20, 2024, July 01-02, 2024, December 04-05, 2024
  • Duration: 2 days (20 teaching units of 45 minutes each)
  • Costs: 370.00 € plus VAT
  • The price includes the following: Working documents and certificate
  • Qualification: Certificate “Lomi Lomi Massage”
  • Information material and personal consultation: +49 86 54 / 48 87-43 or ausbildung@kurland.de
  • Training program: Download PDF

Course: Lomi Lomi massage

A training offered by Kurland

This course will make you familiar with the philosophy and characteristics of Hawaiian massage techniques.

Course content:

  • Introduction into typical massage strokes from a Lomi Lomi massage
  • Targeted use of massage techniques with forearm and elbow
  • Synchronous work with forearms / hands on and under the body
  • Flowing, rhythmic massage while lifting and stretching, efferent strokes on individual body parts
  • Hands-on training
  • Individual treatment procedures and recommendations of treatments

Part of the traditional Hawaiian naturopathy

This wonderful bodywork is part of the traditional Hawaiian naturopathy and has been used not only to heal illness or physical complaints, but also as part of initiation rites during transitions to new stages of life. The distinguishing feature of the Lomi Lomi massage is the use of the entire body of practitioners, who apart from their hands also use forearms and elbows. The aim of the treatment is to restore the balance of guests and lead them back to their own inner self.

Oil blend Lomi Hawaii for Lomi Lomi massages

Send your guests on a trip to Honolulu beach with this fruity and fresh oil blend. You feel the white sand under your bare feet, a fresh sea breeze blows through your hair and it smells of exotic fruits and juicy coconuts. With its Hawaiian fragrance and excellent massage properties, Lomi Hawaii is the perfect oil for Lomi Lomi massages and skin care. It contains a balanced base oil blend (coconut oil, almond oil, orange, mango and papaya) that moisturizes, nourishes and cares all layers of the skin. For a soft, smooth skin.

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    4. January 2024